About elections and why everyone should have the right to vote

The debate in the book is actually larger and it concerns a subject that is often debated: should everyone be allowed to vote? or should we impose certain restrictions based mainly on intellectual criteria?

As Harari explains it, although we are not equal when it comes to our capacity to analyze and rationalize, we are all the same when it comes to emotions. And since decision making is, in reality, an emotional process, everyone should be allowed to express one’s opinions.

I have often tried to take a stand on this matter, and although my opinion has always been in favor of the universal right to vote, I had trouble explaining it. I only had a vague feeling that it was the correct thing to do, but lacked more tangible and consistent arguments. Harari’s argumentation is so simple, yet so complex and beautifully stated, that I cannot do otherwise but completely agree with it.

About reaching a balance

This one is a hard one to swallow … We are in a constant search for more, but also for meaning. Our constant insatisfaction is what got us out of the caves and made us build empires. Is what drives us to aim for a better future, improve both our own selves as well as the world surrounding us.

Unfortunately, the same insatisfaction lies behind so many wars and great misunderstandings. Because sometimes what we think might be a better future for us, is in really nothing but a selfish road.

So how do we find balance ? How do we choose the best response to the questions asked by our constant search for more ? Our constant search for meaning ?

A beautiful story

Cantor illustrated the concept of infinity for his students by telling them that there was once a man who had a hotel with infinite numbers of rooms and the hotel was fully occupied. Then one more guest arrived. So the owner moved the guest in room number one into room number two; the guest in room number two into number three; the guest in three in room four and so on. In that way room number one became vacant for the new guest.

What delights me about this story is that everyone involved, the guests and the owner, accept it as perfectly in order to carry out an infinite number of operations so that one guest can have peace and quiet in a room of his own. That is a great tribute to solitude.